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Students & Athletes Volunteering to Empower the Future

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What We Are About

Our Mission is to create tomorrows' influential men and women that will be able to exercise their abilities to make significant contributions to the enhancement of society.

SAVE The Future LLC. is a nonprofit organization that focuses its' work in Fredericksburg and the surrounding communities in an array of ways. We provide support for students through tutoring, mentoring and leadership programs. Allow for students to recognize areas in the community of concern, and have them come up with projects involving student volunteers to fix them. Our organization partners with other nonprofits to provide summer camp experiences to children regardless of income. Also, we offer professional services for parents of homeschoolers, including professional development and course planning for college help.

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Teacher & Student

Educational Services

RISE Hybrid Academy

Nationally Accredited PreK-12th Educational Program.  Private School, Public School Partnership, Charter School Vendor, Homeschooling, Tutoring Services.

Become A Teacher Entrepreneur


Work with us in a variety of capacities. (Business Owner, Recruiter or a member of Affiliate Program)

Key Speaker
Professor & Students

Community Resources

Working To Enhance the Community

Professional Development for Homeschool Parents and Teachers, Getting Ready for College Help with Transcript Course choices. Student Volunteering, Mentoring Program, & Leadership University.

Academic Scholarship Program and Outreach Services

Provide or Receive Scholarships

Presenting incentives via state tax credits and write-offs.  Offering students in need of an opportunity to receive a quality education.  Also, providing additional enrichment activities for students.

Kids Jumping into the Lake

Education in America:
School Improvement Series- 
Data and Its Impact on Reform 

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 10.52_edited.png

After over a year of being privy to what goes on in your child's classroom, do you wonder if the schools of today have become more of a glorified daycare center to feed and watch children versus an institution made to educate them? Told from the perspective of a twenty-year veteran in the field, this is a must-read for anyone interested in knowing more about education, particularly those thinking about going into teaching or contemplating leaving the field. The author takes you through the history of different educational movements to give a glimpse of why the educational system has caused concern for many. The first of a School Improvement Series meant to discuss issues affecting those in the trenches. Through real-life examples, you will find yourself relating to how the author empathizes with educators and parents while offering valid tangible advice on how to use data to drive instruction. The various perspectives this book takes educates even the most novice reader about how schools work from the inside out. Although evident truths are stated, this book also offers ways to remediate the system through data and working smarter and not harder. Through experience working in public schools and being a lead founder of both charter and private schools while also spending years researching how students learn best, the author leaves you feeling hopeful about the future while administrators in schools can use this book as a playbook to initiate reform and prompt their schools to succeed.


CEO of SAVE THE FUTURE, experienced educator, Private School CEO, and Head of School Of Rise Hybrid Private Academy, recognized by Forbes 30 under 30 twitter as a Quarterfinalist winner of the Yass Prize out of 2,700 applicants, featured in Cato Institute's September 19th, 2022 Friday Focus, and recognized by Power Magazine as a Woman of Empowerment,  is currently booking speaking engagements.   


  • Her New Book

  • Inspiration- For educators/Women/ Minorities/Students

  • Professional Development


And a wealth of other topics available upon contact​

Web Design Service

Have a professional-looking website built for your company while also giving to a local nonprofit. We offer websites built from scratch for our clients in return for a portion of the cost going to support programs in SAVE The Future and allowing students to learn through seeing the process of website construction.

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Mon - Fri: 9am - 6:30pm
​​Saturday & Sunday: Closed


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